About company

Since 2006 Wooster Hound has been consulting business leaders in particular sectors of Russian business by rendering services in the field of managerial and operational consulting as well as project GR.

Wooster Hound is working with industry champions in the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, metals and mining, engineering and electric power sectors.


The focus at particular, thoroughly studied sectors, has allowed to accumulate advanced expertise, to develop a wide network of business contacts and to render customized professional services.


During the 10-year period of business there were more than 100 consulting projects and more than 100 benchmarking studies performed and dozens of operation top teams and governance boards set up.


We are proud that over the years many of our Customers have been staying with us. 80% of our project portfolio and up to 90% of our revenue are formed by our permanent Customers.

OUR SERVICES — are the people,

their talent, competence and perfectionism. We are drawing on the partner model. This allows us to enlist remarkable specialists who share our values and are oriented at the non-stop development, the generation of non-trivial ideas that are helpful in finding value added for our Customers.

We are excited in our work

It inspires and fascinates us. We believe that modern knowledge in combination with the high motivation for personal development provides for our competitive advantage — high quality of services for the sectors that we are specializing in.

BENCHMARKING PRACTICE exploring the external environment

Since the Company’s inception we have been working with business leaders in the Russian industry; we were growing together and passed every stage of the evolutionary development: active growth, improvement of the quality of management and the transfer of technologies, efficiency enhancement, the development of corporate culture, the quest for new ideas and the increase of the share of highly marginal products and services. We invented several non-public products for exploring the external environment. These products allow the Customer to see the entire costs structure and manufacturing expenses in comparison with the best companies in Russia and the global business practices within the sector.


building top-teams and governance boards

While being deeply aware of business goals, having the benefit of competence in best practices, technical details and implemented projects and being in possession of a wide network of business contacts both in Russia and in the international markets, we are helping companies in building top teams and governance boards capable of and motivated to achieve the goals set by the Customer.
The teams built with our involvement have achieved outstanding results; among these are: successfully taking the Company to the IPO LSE crucial for the M&A sector, the achievement of the market leader position by the Company in terms of internal efficiency indicators (EBITDA margin), etc.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING internal processes design

The economy, business and the competition grade have changed after 2008. The ability to quickly transform oneself so as to match the changing market became the key factor of success. Together with our Customers we became more intelligent and creative. This is the way in which our consulting practice emerged:

  • The diagnostics and upgrading of corporate governance model in keeping with the best practices
  • Development and perfection of long-term top team incentive programs that link the stimulation of management with the financial goals of shareholders.

Strategic Due Diligence
of Business Assets

As a result of the economic downturn in 2014 has formed an enormous amount of bad debts. Only 3 of the largest state bank accumulated corporate debt > 20 trillion rubles, of which bad > 7%. The growth of non-performing liabilities increases the need for the banks to have a good expertise related to these assets. Having a deep understanding of production, the macro-economic factors, the products and the market, we started successful cooperation with major banks in the strategic assessment of business assets, including: operational and technical due diligence, develop go-to-market strategy, the diagnosis and improvement of the business model and asset management model, and as the formation of the top teams of the operating asset.


Another important consequence of the financial and economic crises was the growth of the government’s share and regulatory influence in the Russian economy and, quite likely, this tendency will continue in the future.
Together with this there grows the importance of the business’s capacity to build efficient communication with the bodies of state and the relevant agencies and regulators.
While in possession of a strong analytical methodology, long-standing reputation and a stable network of business contacts, we are helping companies to build a systemic and efficient dialogue with the government within the framework of projects new to the Customer.

  • '06
  • '07
  • '10
  • '14
  • '16
  • Global and Russian markets
  • Technologies and production processes
  • Sectoral trends of development and the key projects within the sector
  • Best practices and best knowledge holders
Industry specialization
  • Oil and gas sector
  • Chemical and petrochemical sector
  • Mining and metallurgical sector
  • Electric power sector
  • Engineering sector
  • Telecommunication / Media / IT
  • Public sector

Our model is the focus at specific,
well-studied sectors with a view
to accumulate advanced expertise
and to render high-quality an
d customized services.


Our expertise is the joint of business processes
and their reflection in the economy as well as an
integration of these findings into the external
business environment. Being well in the know of
the cost price drivers, we are creating value for the
Customer by achieving a measurable economic benefit.

  • Elaboration of chief indicators of business efficiency and the employee remuneration system (LTI, STI)
  • Diagnostics and perfection of the corporate management model in compliance with the best practices
  • Comparative analysis (benchmarking) of management models, corporate structures, total staff and payroll in the cost structure within a restricted pool of companies
  • Classified target overviews of salaries (data validity no less than 97%)
  • Performance of strategic due diligence of business assets in the interests of the financial investor
  • Elaboration of the company’s target business model in order to achieve the target parameters of the project
  • Development of go-to-market strategies (for products in non-marketable condition, niche products, new markets)
  • Benchmarking of the key performance and economic indicators (Russian and global markets)
  • Organizing, structuring and advancing projects
  • Analytical support of projects at the federal, regional and municipal levels
  • Media administration of projects at the federal, regional and municipal levels in the bodies of state as well as in the relevant agencies
  • Organization of financing of infrastructure projects and the Public Private Partnership projects
  • Recruitment of independent candidates in the personnel pool eligible for key posts
  • Establishment of corporate governance boards, recruitment of independent directors, chairmen of the boards of directors and committees
  • Recruitment of key managers and challenging recruitment of mid-ranking experts in the uncommon fields
  • International retrieval of holders of knowledge and technologies that are new for Russia

The Company’s team is unique in its composition. Individual approach that we have opted for in our problem-solution approach made it necessary to extrapolate the same principles to our own team-building.

Every staff employee of the Company came to the consulting business in his own unique way. This facilitates the enrichment of our expertise and raises the potential for ingenuous and more accurate solutions.



We are looking for talented people who share our attitude to life as a quest for new ideas, new questions and answers to them.

The wide range of our portfolio and project organization of work facilitate fast growth and the formation of a comprehensive expertise.

Our requirements for candidates
  1. Systemic character of thinking, high capacity for generalization and extrapolation
  2. Unconventional thinking,

    a capacity for ingenuity that ranges beyond obvious solutions and approaches

  3. High leadership skills, ability to work within a project team in various roles
  4. Focus at the non-stop development and the attainment of results, professional and personal

  5. High inner enthusiasm and drive, enjoying work, achievements and success

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